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Make Your Vessel Glide

Choose us for boat propeller installation services in Riviera Beach, FL and surrounding areas

Just like your car, your boat has a number of drivetrain mechanisms to make it ride a little smoother. When you notice issues with your propellor, rudders or shafts, call on the experts at Ramsay Marine Services, LLC.

We provide a range of private and commercial marine repairs, including:

Steering and rudder repairs
Prop shaft removals
Cutlass bearing repairs

If you think you need a new boat propeller, call Ramsay Marine Services right away. We'll travel up to 30 miles and beyond around West Palm Beach or Riviera Beach, FL.

From point A to point B

From point A to point B

Your prop shaft is essential to accurate steering. If your boat feels like it's pulling to one side, you might need prop shaft straightening services.

We offer state-of-the-art laser aligning and optical aligning to ensure precise shaft alignment for smooth cruising. You can trust us to remove and manufacture a new prop shaft, or we can straighten out the one you already have and reinstall it.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our process.